You should have a Microsoft Azure account and have created a Storage account with 'Blob storage' and 'Enable storage account key access'. Funnel has no opinions about how you configure your account, resource groups, or container.

To configure the Share you will need:

  • The host name of your service account. You can find this in 'Properties' under 'Primary blob service endpoint' or 'Secondary blob service endpoint'. You can use either but cannot currently configure Funnel to use both.

  • The name of your container.

  • A SAS token.

Create a SAS token

You can create an Account-level SAS token using the Azure portal on the 'Shared access signature' page.

Funnel requires the following access to be able to write files to your container:

  • Allowed services: Blob

  • Allowed resource types: Object

  • Allowed permissions: Write

Using the "Allowed IP Addresses"-option is not required but if you wish to use this, Funnel will upload data from if you are using our service or if you are using our service.

To create service-level SAS tokens please refer to the Microsoft documentation: Constructing a service SAS

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