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How to Integrate Funnel with Looker
How to Integrate Funnel with Looker

Learn how to get your Funnel data into Looker

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Before you get started please ensure that you have Looker admin permissions and an active Funnel subscription. 

Setup in Funnel

2. Configure dimensions / metrics (optional)

3. Setup the Data Warehouse Export

Once your sources are connected and you're happy with the dimensions and metrics (step 1 and 2), head to the 'Data Warehouse' section and click on 'New export':

Data Warehouse setup

Please follow the links below to learn how to configure your desired data warehouse export in Funnel:

If you choose to use the AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage export, you might want to setup a transfer to a data warehouse, into Redshift for example.

Generate the LookML code

Once you've scheduled your data warehouse export, you can generate LookML code based on the schema of your Funnel export. This gives you a great starting point for your Looker setup. 

You can find it by going into your export setup in Funnel and clicking on 'Details' and then choosing LookML in the drop down menu 'Show fields as'

The generated LookML will match the dimensions, metrics and header options you've selected for your export.

You can read more about LookML here.

Setup in Looker

  1. Head to the 'New connection' section of Looker and follow the instructions to  configure the connection to your data warehouse:

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