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How do I create a custom Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) report?
How do I create a custom Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) report?

Learn how to set up a custom report in Campaign Manager 360 that you can import to Funnel

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The Campaign Manager 360 integration in Funnel is set up to connect with specific reports in your Campaign Manager 360 account. These reports can be of the basic or custom variety. If you want to connect with a custom report, you first have to create it in your account!

Head to the Reporting & Attribution page (or navigate directly to this link) and then click the Report Builder tab in the top navigation bar.

Now, you need to prepare a report for Funnel to fetch, you can go with two different options: duplicate an existing report or create an entirely new report.

Create a new report

In the Report Builder, click on the NEW REPORT button in the top left. Next, select a template to base your report on.

Duplicate an existing report

Check the checkbox next to the report that you want to duplicate in the list of existing reports on the Report Builder page. Click on the Choose action dropdown at the top of the list and click "Duplicate".

Open the duplicated report and go check the following settings:

  1. Check that the File type is set to CSV

  2. If it's not already included, add the Date dimension (required)

  3. Add any additional Dimensions to the report, along with any Metrics you need. Note that these must be supported by Funnel. See this list for fields supported in custom reports

  4. Add any Activities that you need

  5. In the Schedule section, confirm that you have unchecked the "Active" checkbox

  6. Hit the Save button!

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