If your custom report contains fields that are not in this list, the development team will be notified that support for new fields have been requested, but the report won't collect any data until support for the new fields has been added. To make sure your report can run right away, only include fields from the list bellow.

[Dimension] Active View: Custom Metric ID

[Dimension] Active View: Custom Metric Name

[Dimension] Ad Position

[Dimension] Ad Type

[Dimension] Advertiser

[Dimension] Advertiser Currency

[Dimension] Advertiser ID

[Dimension] Advertiser Integration Code

[Dimension] Advertiser Status

[Dimension] Advertiser Time Zone

[Dimension] Age

[Dimension] App/URL

[Dimension] App/URL ID

[Dimension] Audience List

[Dimension] Audience List Cost

[Dimension] Audience List ID

[Dimension] Audience List Type

[Dimension] Browser

[Dimension] CM Placement ID

[Dimension] Campaign

[Dimension] Campaign ID

[Dimension] Category

[Dimension] Channel

[Dimension] Channel Type

[Dimension] City

[Dimension] City ID

[Dimension] Conversion Source

[Dimension] Conversion Source Name

[Dimension] Conversion type

[Dimension] Country

[Dimension] Country ID

[Dimension] Creative

[Dimension] Creative Height

[Dimension] Creative ID

[Dimension] Creative Integration Code

[Dimension] Creative Size

[Dimension] Creative Source

[Dimension] Creative Status

[Dimension] Creative Type

[Dimension] Creative Width

[Dimension] DMA Code

[Dimension] DMA Name

[Dimension] DV360 Activity

[Dimension] DV360 Activity ID

[Dimension] DV360 Activity Integration Code

[Dimension] DV360 Activity Status

[Dimension] Date

[Dimension] Day of Week

[Dimension] Device Make

[Dimension] Device Model

[Dimension] Device Type

[Dimension] Environment

[Dimension] Exchange

[Dimension] Exchange ID

[Dimension] Floodlight Activity ID

[Dimension] Floodlight Activity Name

[Dimension] Gender

[Dimension] Household Income

[Dimension] ISP or Carrier

[Dimension] Insertion Order

[Dimension] Insertion Order ID

[Dimension] Insertion Order Integration Code

[Dimension] Insertion Order Status

[Dimension] Interest

[Dimension] Inventory Commitment

[Dimension] Inventory Delivery Method

[Dimension] Inventory Rate Type

[Dimension] Inventory Source

[Dimension] Inventory Source ID

[Dimension] Inventory Source ID (external)

[Dimension] Inventory Source Type

[Dimension] Line Item

[Dimension] Line Item Daily Frequency

[Dimension] Line Item ID

[Dimension] Line Item Integration Code

[Dimension] Line Item Lifetime Frequency

[Dimension] Line Item Status

[Dimension] Line Item Type

[Dimension] Measurement Source

[Dimension] Month

[Dimension] Operating System

[Dimension] Order ID

[Dimension] Parental Status

[Dimension] Partner

[Dimension] Partner Currency

[Dimension] Partner ID

[Dimension] Partner Status

[Dimension] Platform

[Dimension] Playback Method

[Dimension] Position in Content

[Dimension] Public Inventory

[Dimension] Region

[Dimension] Region ID

[Dimension] Remarketing List

[Dimension] Remarketing List ID

[Dimension] Targeted Data Providers

[Dimension] Time of Day

[Dimension] Time to Conversion (hours)

[Dimension] TrueView Ad

[Dimension] TrueView Ad Group

[Dimension] TrueView Ad Group ID

[Dimension] TrueView Ad ID

[Dimension] Variant ID

[Dimension] Variant Name

[Dimension] Variant Version

[Dimension] Video Continuous Play

[Dimension] Video Duration

[Dimension] Video ID

[Dimension] Video Player Size

[Dimension] Video Skippable Support

[Dimension] Video Title

[Dimension] Week

[Dimension] Year

[Dimension] Zip Code

[Metric] Active View: Eligible Impressions

[Metric] Active View: Measurable Impressions

[Metric] Active View: Not Viewable Impressions

[Metric] Active View: Viewable Impressions

[Metric] AdLingo Fee

[Metric] AdXpose Fee

[Metric] Adloox Fee

[Metric] Adloox Pre-Bid Fee

[Metric] Adsafe Fee

[Metric] Agency Trading Desk Fee

[Metric] Aggregate Knowledge Fee

[Metric] Billable Cost

[Metric] Billable Impressions

[Metric] CM Post-Click Revenue

[Metric] CM Post-View Revenue

[Metric] CPM Fee 1

[Metric] CPM Fee 2

[Metric] CPM Fee 3

[Metric] CPM Fee 4

[Metric] CPM Fee 5

[Metric] Card Clicks

[Metric] Clicks

[Metric] Companion Clicks (Video)

[Metric] Companion Impressions (Audio)

[Metric] Companion Impressions (Video)

[Metric] Companion Views (Audio)

[Metric] Companion Views (Video)

[Metric] Complete Listens (Audio)

[Metric] Complete Views (Video)

[Metric] Conversions

[Metric] Cost

[Metric] Creative Asset

[Metric] Custom Fee 1

[Metric] Custom Fee 2

[Metric] Custom Fee 3

[Metric] Custom Fee 4

[Metric] Custom Fee 5

[Metric] Data Fees

[Metric] Data Management Platform Fee

[Metric] DoubleVerify Fee

[Metric] DoubleVerify Pre-Bid Fee

[Metric] Earned Likes

[Metric] Earned Playlist Additions

[Metric] Earned Shares

[Metric] Earned Subscribers

[Metric] Earned Views

[Metric] Engagements

[Metric] Evidon Fee

[Metric] First-Quartile (Audio)

[Metric] First-Quartile Views (Video)

[Metric] Floodlight Impressions

[Metric] Fullscreens (Video)

[Metric] Gmail Conversions

[Metric] Impressions

[Metric] Integral Ad Science Pre-Bid Fee

[Metric] Integral Ad Science Video Fee

[Metric] MOAT Video Fee

[Metric] Max Video Duration (seconds)

[Metric] Media Cost

[Metric] Media Fee 1

[Metric] Media Fee 2

[Metric] Media Fee 3

[Metric] Media Fee 4

[Metric] Media Fee 5

[Metric] MediaCost Data Fee

[Metric] Midpoint (Audio)

[Metric] Midpoint Views (Video)

[Metric] Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Fee

[Metric] Pauses (Video)

[Metric] Platform Fee

[Metric] Post-Click Conversions

[Metric] Post-View Conversions

[Metric] Potential Impressions

[Metric] Premium Fee

[Metric] Profit

[Metric] Profit Margin

[Metric] Revenue

[Metric] Rich Media Engagements

[Metric] ShopLocal Fee

[Metric] Skips (Video)

[Metric] Starts (Audio)

[Metric] Starts (Video)

[Metric] Store Visit Conversions

[Metric] Teracent Fee

[Metric] Third-Party Ad Server Fee

[Metric] Third-Quartile Views (Video)

[Metric] Total Conversion Value

[Metric] Total Conversions

[Metric] Total Cookies

[Metric] Total Media Cost

[Metric] Tracked Ads

[Metric] TrueView: Views

[Metric] TrustMetrics Fee

[Metric] Unique Cookies with Impressions

[Metric] View through Conversion

[Metric] View-through Store Visits

[Metric] Vizu Fee

[Metric] Watch Time (seconds)

[Metric] comScore vCE in DoubleClick Fee

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