The Standard report will have all currently added metrics and the totals of the report will be correct for the entire Linkedin account. 

The Conversion report only contains tracked conversions ie. not any metrics or dimensions not related to custom conversions. The totals cost and value here will match the Conversion Cost and Conversion Value in the Standard report. Same conversion count metrics will get populated in both reports so looking at both reports at the same time will lead to duplicated values.

All other reports are demographic reports. These reports will in most cases not match the totals in your Standard report. The demographic data is also scrambled by Linkedin to protect the user.

Read more about demographic metrics and data accuracy here: 

Standard report

  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Objective
  • [Dimension] Campaign Format
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Creative ID
  • [Dimension] Creative Name
  • [Dimension] Creative Type
  • [Dimension] Text Ad Text
  • [Dimension] Text Ad Title
  • [Dimension] Video Name
  • [Dimension] InMail Name
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Name
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Title
  • [Dimension] Carousel Title

Conversion report

  • [Dimension] Conversion
  • [Dimension] Conversion ID
  • [Dimension] Conversion Type
  • [Dimension] Domain
  • [Dimension] Domain ID

Demographic reports

For all these reports you can filter on campaign instead of account.
Linkedin does warn that reports filtered on campaign might not add up perfectly to a report filtered on account.
The totals of these reports will not match the totals of the Standard report, read more at the beginning of this article.


  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID

Country report

  • [Dimension] Country
  • [Dimension] Country Code
  • [Dimension] Country Group
  • [Dimension] Country Group Code

Company report

  • [Dimension] Company
  • [Dimension] Company ID
  • [Dimension] Company Size

Industry report

  • [Dimension] Industry
  • [Dimension] Industry ID

Job Function report

  • [Dimension] Job Function
  • [Dimension] Job Function ID

Job Title report

  • [Dimension] Job Title
  • [Dimension] Job Title ID

Region report

  • [Dimension] Region
  • [Dimension] Region ID

Seniority report

  • [Dimension] Seniority
  • [Dimension] Seniority ID

Serving Location report

  • [Dimension] Serving Location
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