To learn how to connect LinkedIn advertising data, see the article How to connect to Linkedin.

The reports available through Funnel's LinkedIn connector are divided into regular metrics and non-aggregatable metrics. This article describes what data are available in which reports when opting for regular metrics and non-aggregatable metrics, respectively.

To learn more about non-aggregatable metrics, see the article What are non-aggregatable metrics?

Regular metrics

The Standard report will have all currently added metrics and the totals of the report will be correct for the entire LinkedIn account. 

The Conversion report only contains tracked conversions ie. not any metrics or dimensions not related to custom conversions. The totals value here will match the Conversion Value in the Standard report. Same conversion count metrics will get populated in both reports so looking at both reports at the same time will lead to duplicated values.

All other reports are demographic reports. The demographic data is approximate and scrambled by LinkedIn to protect the user. Therefore these reports will in most cases not match the totals in your Standard report.

See all the available metrics further down in the article.

Restrictions regarding demographic reports:
Note that the LinkedIn api only support the top 100 demographic values for a creative on a given day. For example, if a creative is shown to members with 1000 different titles, a query for the impressions for that creative will only return the 100 titles with the most impressions for that creative for that day.

Also, since the metrics returned from LinkedIn are approximate, and rounded down to 0 for any value below 3 (e.g. 2 impressions for a demographic will be returned as 0 from the LinkedIn API), you may observe minor inconsistencies when comparing:

  • Similar time ranges, for example, reporting on results over 7 days vs. 8 days
  • The sum of daily metrics to the full corresponding time period
  • Reporting levels, for example, adding campaign level data and comparing it to account level data
  • A LinkedIn export for a given date range to the combination of daily reports in Funnel (in particular when expected values are low).

To minimize the effect of this approximation, select:

  • The highest reporting level you want to view, for example, selecting account level data instead of adding up campaign level data

The following metrics are not available with demographics pivots.:

  • conversionValueInLocalCurrency
  • cardImpressions
  • cardClicks
  • viralCardImpressions
  • viralCardClicks

Because of restrictions from LinkedIns API, the retention period for data in the demographic reports are limited to 6 months.

Read more about demographic metrics and data accuracy here:
and here:

Standard report

  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Objective
  • [Dimension] Campaign Format
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Creative ID
  • [Dimension] Creative Name
  • [Dimension] Creative Type
  • [Dimension] Text Ad Title
  • [Dimension] Text Ad Text
  • [Dimension] Click URI
  • [Dimension] Video ID
  • [Dimension] Video Name
  • [Dimension] Video Text
  • [Dimension] Video Landing Page URL
  • [Dimension] InMail Name
  • [Dimension] InMail Landing Page URL
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content ID
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Name
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Title
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Text
  • [Dimension] Sponsored Content Landing Page URI
  • [Dimension] Carousel Title
  • [Dimension] Carousel Text
  • [Dimension] Carousel Landing Page URL
  • [Dimension] Carousel ID
  • [Dimension] Spotlight Title
  • [Dimension] Spotlight Text
  • [Dimension] Spotlight Name
  • [Dimension] Creative Text - this is a dimension derived from "Text Ad Text", "Carousel Text", "Video Text", "Spotlight Text" or "Sponsored Content Text"
  • [Dimension] Click URL - this is a dimension derived from "Click URI", "Video Landing Page URL", "Carousel Landing Page URL",  or "Sponsored Content Landing Page URL"
  • [Dimension] Lead Form UTM Campaign*
  • [Dimension] Lead Form UTM Medium*
  • [Dimension] Lead Form UTM Source*

* Lead Form UTM parameters must be included when connecting the source. Note that for these fields to be populated, it is required that the underlying hidden fields are named "Campaign", "Medium", and "Source".

For more information about Lead Gen Forms, see:
More information about hidden fields can be found here:

Conversion report

  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Format
  • [Dimension] Campaign Objective
  • [Dimension] Conversion
  • [Dimension] Conversion ID
  • [Dimension] Conversion Type

Demographic reports

For all these reports you can filter on Campaign or Campaign Group instead of Account.
LinkedIn does warn that reports filtered on Campaign or Campaign Group might not add up perfectly to a report filtered on account.
The totals of these reports will not match the totals of the Standard report, read more at the beginning of this article.


  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID

Campaign Group:

  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID


  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group
  • [Dimension] Campaign Group ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Format
  • [Dimension] Campaign Objective

Country report

  • [Dimension] Geo Country
  • [Dimension] Geo Country ID

County report

  • [Dimension] Geo County
  • [Dimension] Geo County ID

Company report

  • [Dimension] Company
  • [Dimension] Company ID

Company Size report

  • [Dimension] Company Size

Industry report

  • [Dimension] Industry
  • [Dimension] Industry ID

Job Function report

  • [Dimension] Job Function
  • [Dimension] Job Function ID

Job Title report

  • [Dimension] Job Title
  • [Dimension] Job Title ID

Location report

  • [Dimension] Geo Location
  • [Dimension] Geo Location ID

Seniority report

  • [Dimension] Seniority
  • [Dimension] Seniority ID

Serving Location report

  • [Dimension] Serving Location

Available metrics

  • [Metric] Action Clicks
  • [Metric] Ad Unit Clicks
  • [Metric] Card Clicks
  • [Metric] Clicks
  • [Metric] Comments
  • [Metric] Company Page Clicks
  • [Metric] Conversion Value
  • [Metric] External Website Conversions
  • [Metric] External Website Post-Click Conversions
  • [Metric] External Website Post-View Conversions
  • [Metric] Follows
  • [Metric] Impressions
  • [Metric] Landing Page clicks
  • [Metric] Lead Generation Mail Contact Info Shares
  • [Metric] Lead Generation Mail Interested Clicks
  • [Metric] Likes
  • [Metric] Non-Chargeable Clicks
  • [Metric] One Click Lead Form Opens
  • [Metric] One Click Leads
  • [Metric] Opens
  • [Metric] Other Engagements
  • [Metric] Sends
  • [Metric] Shares
  • [Metric] Spend
  • [Metric] Text URL Clicks
  • [Metric] Total Engagements
  • [Metric] Viral Card Clicks
  • [Metric] Viral Clicks
  • [Metric] Viral Comments
  • [Metric] Viral Company Page Clicks
  • [Metric] Viral Follows
  • [Metric] Viral Impressions
  • [Metric] Viral Landing Page Clicks
  • [Metric] Viral Likes
  • [Metric] Viral One Click Lead Form Opens
  • [Metric] Viral One Click Leads
  • [Metric] Viral Other Engagements
  • [Metric] Viral Shares
  • [Metric] Viral Total Engagements

Available video metrics

  • [Metric] Video Views 
  • [Metric] Video Starts 
  • [Metric] Video Completion Rate
  • [Metric] Video Completions
  • [Metric] Video @ 25%
  • [Metric] Video @ 50%
  • [Metric] Video @ 75% 
  • [Metric] Full Screen Plays
  • [Metric] Video View Rate 
  • [Metric] Viral Video Starts
  • [Metric] Viral Video @ 25%
  • [Metric] Viral Video @ 50%
  • [Metric] Viral Video @ 75%
  • [Metric] Viral Full Screen Plays
  • [Metric] Viral Video Views
  • [Metric] Viral Video Completions

Non-aggregatable metrics

For non-aggregatable metrics you choose a report level and a time window:

Report Levels

  • Account
  • Campaign

Time Windows

  • 1 Day

Available metrics

  • [Metric] Frequency
  • [Metric] Impressions
  • [Metric] Reach

Available dimensions


  • [Dimension] Account
  • [Dimension] Account ID


  • [Dimension] Campaign
  • [Dimension] Campaign ID
  • [Dimension] Campaign Format
  • [Dimension] Campaign Objective

Read more about non-aggregatable metrics here.

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