The LinkedIn Organic connector supports three report choices:

  • Page view metrics
  • Update metrics
  • Video metrics 

Page view metrics

The page view metric report have no dimension beyond date.
The metrics that are included in the report are:

  • About Page Views
  • All Desktop Page Views
  • All Mobile Page Views
  • All Page Views
  • Careers Page Views
  • Desktop About Jobs Views
  • Desktop About Page Views
  • Desktop Careers Page Views
  • Desktop Careers Page Views
  • Desktop Insights Page Views
  • Desktop Life At Page Views
  • Desktop Overview Page Views
  • Desktop People Page Views
  • Insights Page Views
  • Jobs Page Views
  • Life At Page Views
  • Mobile About Jobs Views
  • Mobile About Page Views
  • Mobile Insights Page Views
  • Mobile Life At Page Views
  • Mobile Overview Page Views
  • Mobile People Page Views
  • Overview Page Views
  • People Page Views

Update metrics

In the update metric report you can choose to have the metrics broken down by each update or to have the rolled-up totals for all updates taken together.

If you chose the level per update it includes the following dimensions:

  • Update ID
  • Update Name
  • Update Posted Date
  • Update URL

Both levels of the update metrics report contains these metrics:

  • Update CTR
  • Update Clicks
  • Update Comments
  • Update Engagement Rate
  • Update Impressions
  • Update Likes
  • Update Shares

Video Metrics

The video metrics  report have the following dimensions:

  • Id
  • Lifecycle State
  • Visibility
  • Share Media Category
  • Author
  • Created Time
  • Origin
  • First Publish Time
  • Last Modified Time
  • Text

And the follwing metrics:

  • Time Watched
  • Time Watched For Video Views
  • Video View
  • Viewer
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