The LinkedIn Organic connector supports three report choices:

  • Daily Follows
  • Page view metrics
  • Update metrics
  • Video metricsĀ 

Daily Follows

The Daily Follows report shows how many followers your account has gained per day, and therefore only has "Date" as dimension. The retention period for the data is 12 months. Note that data for the last 2 days is not available due to limitations in the LinkedIn API.

The metric that is included in the report is:

  • Followers Gained

Page view metrics

The page view metric report have no dimension beyond date.
The metrics that are included in the report are:

  • About Page Views
  • All Desktop Page Views
  • All Mobile Page Views
  • All Page Views
  • Careers Page Views
  • Desktop About Jobs Views
  • Desktop About Page Views
  • Desktop Careers Page Views
  • Desktop Careers Page Views
  • Desktop Insights Page Views
  • Desktop Life At Page Views
  • Desktop Overview Page Views
  • Desktop People Page Views
  • Insights Page Views
  • Jobs Page Views
  • Life At Page Views
  • Mobile About Jobs Views
  • Mobile About Page Views
  • Mobile Insights Page Views
  • Mobile Life At Page Views
  • Mobile Overview Page Views
  • Mobile People Page Views
  • Overview Page Views
  • People Page Views

Update metrics

In the update metric report you can choose to have the metrics broken down by each update or to have the rolled-up totals for all updates taken together.
Note that video updates are not included in the "Per Update" report, therefor metrics in the "Totals" report will sum up to the "Video" report + "Per Update" report. Also note that small discrepancies between Funnel and LinkedIns UI may occur in the "Per Update" report because some updates are not included when fetching data from the API.

If you chose the level per update it includes the following dimensions:

  • Update ID
  • Update Name
  • Update Posted Date
  • Update URL
  • Update Thumbnail URL

Both levels of the update metrics report contains these metrics:

  • Update CTR
  • Update Clicks
  • Update Comments
  • Update Engagement Rate
  • Update Impressions
  • Update Likes
  • Update Shares

Video Metrics

Please note that due to limitations from LinkedIn's API, we can only provide 6 months of historical data for Video Metrics.

The Video Metrics report have the following dimensions:

  • Id
  • Lifecycle State
  • Visibility
  • Share Media Category
  • Author
  • Created Time
  • Origin
  • First Publish Time
  • Last Modified Time
  • Text
  • Video Post URL

And the following metrics:

  • Video Impressions
  • Video Likes
  • Video Shares
  • Video Comments
  • Video Clicks
  • Time Watched
  • Time Watched For Video Views
  • Video View
  • Viewer
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