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LinkedIn Organic - Troubleshooting

Common issues when looking at data from LinkedIn Organic

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Problems when trying to connect an account

Cannot connect the right account

To access the organic analytics you have to have an administrator role (SUPER ADMIN) for the organisation.

If you're an authenticated member within the organisation with the role type SUPER ADMIN, you should have access to a tab called "Admin tools" on your organisations LinkedIn page (top right corner of the page).

If you are not, please contact your LinkedIn account administrator and ask to be given the administrator role type "SUPER ADMIN". For more information about the organisation access control read here and here.

Comparing LinkedIn UI vs Funnel for Organic data

The LinkedIn UI vs Funnel Data Explorer

Keep in mind, the LinkedIn UI will show the lifetime total number of statistics. The LinkedIn UI cannot break down the activity in specific timeframes.

Example view from LinkedIn UI

Above you see an organic update post in the LinkedIn UI. The time range chosen here (Oct 24 - Nov 7), shows posts published during this time while the analytics (impressions, views, clicks) will show the totals from the publish date until today's date.

Furthermore, if the "Boost" button is greyed out, as is in the picture, the numbers won't match. This is because the statistics from a boosted post comes through the non-organic LinkedIn API during the period the post is boosted.

Missing/empty fields in Update Metrics

Missing shares / updates in the "Per Update" report

Double check your report type. Since video updates are not included in the "Per Update" report, you will need to connect both a Video and a Per Updates report to get the total metrics for both.

Troubleshooting missing updates/shares

Numbers can become negative when members who liked a sponsored share later unlikes it. While the like is not counted (since it is not organic), the organic unlike is. Troubleshoot missing updates/shares by adding the IDs of the updates.

Reasons why a stat may show a negative value:

  1. Updates were deleted, which carries all social engagement with it.

  2. Unlikes were made on sponsored posts, which count against organic likes. When the total organic like count is 0, and a previously sponsored like becomes unliked, this reduces organic like count from 0 to -1.

  3. Accounts that liked their posts were deleted or purged.

Negative share: member shares the post when they are seeing it in their feed as a sponsored post, but subsequently delete the share from their posted content.

Negative comment: member comments on the post when they are seeing it as a sponsored post, but subsequently deletes the comment.

Negative like: member likes the post when they are seeing it as a sponsored post, but subsequently unlike the post.

Negative followers: member follows the company when they are viewing a sponsored post, but subsequently unfollow the company.

Why is my data not matching with the LinkedIn Organic feed?

Mismatches caused by deleted Updates/Posts

Data persistence for deleted Updates/Posts differs between the LinkedIn Content analytics UI and the LinkedIn API. While historical data for deleted Updates/Posts is retained in the UI, the API only provides a snapshot of live Updates/Posts at time of retrieval.

Due to this limitation, deleting an Update/Post will cause it to become irretrievable from the API, and in turn cause refreshes of its historical data in Funnel to remove any previously populated metrics.

Mismatches in data younger than 48 hours

Wait 24-48 hours and then check your data again. The counts returned from the LinkedIn API for the share statistics are eventually consistent, not immediately consistent, and can take up to 24-48 hours in some cases.

Mismatches in data younger than 30 days

Wait 24 hours and then check your data again. Data younger than 30 days is volatile and is only refreshed every 24 hours, so if you look at numbers in LinkedIn's UI at a point where Funnel hasn't updated that data for ~23 hours, it will be a mismatch.

Video Likes/Comments do not match the share on the LinkedIn feed

Wait 24-48 hours and then check your data again. In some cases, the "video likes" and "video comment" field values might not match because:

  • They both do not count likes or comments made by companies, including the company that authored the share.

  • They are not decremented when a like or comment is deleted.

  • The counts returned are eventually consistent, not immediately consistent, and can take up to 24-48 hours in some cases.

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