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X Organic (Twitter Organic) – Troubleshooting
X Organic (Twitter Organic) – Troubleshooting

Common issues when connecting and downloading X Organic data

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General info

Organic data related to an X user account (or handle) can be accessed if an X Ads account has been registered for the handle. Organic Post (Tweet) metrics associated with a particular handle can be accessed in the X UI by navigating to Analytics > Post activity in the header menu while logged in as the handle at

The Post activity (Tweet activity) page displays a dashboard, a Posts list, and a button to export Post data by Tweet or day. These three data sets aggregate metrics using different methods, as documented under the Posts and Video Activity Dashboards heading in this X Business help article. Dimensions and metrics for Posts with no activity will not be present in Funnel.

For more detailed troubleshooting steps, please see the sections below:

Issues connecting X Organic data sources or accessing connected data sources

If a data source cannot be selected while connecting to X Organic in Funnel, or if a connected data source is getting a No access error, the first step is to confirm the following:

Data source is a fully set up X ad account

The X Organic core connector in Funnel requires an X ad account to be set up on for the X user account/handle from which organic metrics are to be retrieved. A X analytics account accessed via is not a fully set up X ad account.

X ad account setup is complete when steps 1 - 6 in the Create your X Ads account section in the Ads account creation X help article have been completed, including entering billing information. There is no requirement to run ad campaigns on the ad account for it to transmit organic data via the X API.

Credentials have correct access to data source

In order to download data for all X Organic core connector report types in Funnel, the X user account providing the credentials must be added as a user with either Ad manager or Account administrator permissions on the X ad account intended to be used as a data source.

Permissions can only be granted, viewed and edited by X user accounts with Account administrator permissions on a X ad account, by following the steps outlined under the Setting up multi-user login section on X's Multi-user login FAQs page.

Why cannot one or more of my sources download data?

Multiple sources downloading huge amount of posts using the same X Ads account

X's API limits the number of simultaneous Post Activity reports running on a per-X Ads account basis. In the case of a source having many Posts, including mentions and replies, the number of API requests becomes very large. If there are several such sources connected using the same X Ads account, the API limits can be reached and thus the download fails. If you believe that you have encountered this problem, you can pause or remove unused sources.

Why don't my X Analytics and Funnel data match?

Post Activity Dashboard data does not match data in Funnel

X data in Funnel is not expected to fully match the data seen in the Post Activity Dashboard.

This is because Funnel fetches data from the X Ads API, which reflects the data in X Ads manager. Since the data in the Post Activity Dashboard is not the same as the data in the X Ads manager, the Post Activity Dashboard and Funnel data will differ. 

Although the data is not expected to roll up 100%, the data in Funnel should be in the same order of magnitude when compared to the Post Activity dashboard.

Post Activity data in Post Lists does not match data in Funnel

The data for a Post on the Post Activity Dashboard are lifetime values while the Post data in Funnel has a per-day granularity. This means that in order to compare Post data from the Post Activity Dashboard with the Post data in Funnel, the date range in Funnel data explorer has to be set to the lifetime of the Post, i.e. from the day of the Post or earlier, to today's date.

The data explorer in Funnel will then sum the values for the selected metrics which now can be compared to the lifetime values of a Post in Post Lists.

A promoted Post can still have organic data

Note that If a Post is promoted it can still have organic data. The organic part of a promoted Post's data is then available through the X Organic connector, while the other part is available through the X connector.

For X Organic, Link Clicks in Funnel represents Link Clicks in the X Ads API. Link Clicks in the X Analytics UI however, does not correspond to Link Clicks in the X Ads API.

Link Clicks in the X Analytics UI is instead represented by App Clicks in the X Ads API. This conversely means Link Clicks in the X Analytics UI are represented by App Clicks in Funnel.

The common metric Clicks in Funnel will always represent Link Clicks from the X Analytics UI. 

Why do I have inconsistent metrics?

All X Activity metrics for an X in X Lists are not present in Funnel

Funnel fetches organic X data from the X Ads API, where the available metric groups for organic data are the engagement and video metric groups.

All of the metrics in these groups are not displayed in the Post Activity Dashboard. Similarly, all of the metrics in the Post Activity Dashboard are not available through the Ads API. 

The metrics that both X Ads API and Post Activity Dashboard have in common and which can be found in Funnel, are the following: Impressions, Engagements, Retposts, Likes, Replies. 

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