Why is my data not appearing?

The selected segments filter your data

Only data that matches ALL segments selected on connect are included in your data source. If you have selected non-overlapping segments (eg paid and organic) you will not get any data.

The metrics are non-aggregatable

This means that you have to look at all dimensions at once when looking at the data. You will see a warning and no data in the DataExplorer if you do not include all dimensions that you selected when connecting the data source.

Why is my new data source taking a long time to download data?

The Adobe Analytics API can sometimes take a very long time downloading data. This happens especially if you have chosen to include three dimensions. If you are experiencing this issue you might be helped by removing one or more dimensions if they are not strictly needed for your reporting. You might also be helped by adding a filtering segment that does not include too much complexity or rules.

Why can't I see my segment when connecting my data source?

Since our new service account authentication is connected to the organisation we only have access to segments that are shared to the entire organisation. To achieve this you need to be an admin user in Adobe. Follow this article for information on how to share a segment:

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