We will ask Adobe which metrics can be combined with the dimensions you have selected when connecting, and what metrics you have permission to. Every metric listed below that is supported by your report suite and the elements selected will be downloaded. All custom metrics (that are compatible with your element selection) will also be downloaded for your report suite.

Standard Metrics

Video Metrics

  • Content Completes
  • Content Segment Views
  • Content Time Spent
  • Media Initiates

Commerce Metrics

  • Cart Additions
  • Revenue
  • Checkouts
  • Cart Views
  • Units
  • Orders
  • Cart Removal
  • Carts
  • AMO Clicks
  • AMO Cost
  • AMO Impressions

Traffic Metrics

  • Single Access
  • Page Views
  • Bounces
  • Entries
  • Visits
  • Exits


Only select the elements you actually need. Read more about what to think about when setting up and looking at the Adobe Analytics data here. Since the metric definition is depending on the elements, the total might be different depending on the elements you select, examples in linked help article above.
You can add multiple connections with different breakdowns, but remember that the metric values will be doubled if you look at both reports at once.

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