When setting up the integration towards Adobe Analytics you get to select what dimensions and what custom events (if any) you want. The video, commerce and traffic metrics are always downloaded. You also get the ability to select any segmentation that you have in Adobe Analytics and use that to segment the data in Funnel.
We recommend
selecting as few dimensions as possible and instead use segmentation when needed.

Available metrics

Metrics not available in your Adobe Analytics account will be filtered and not show up in Funnel.

Video Metrics

  • Content Completes
  • Content Segment Views
  • Content Time Spent
  • Media Initiates

Commerce Metrics

  • Cart Additions
  • Revenue
  • Checkouts
  • Cart Views
  • Units
  • Orders
  • Cart Removal
  • Carts
  • AMO Clicks
  • AMO Cost
  • AMO Impressions
  • Visitors
  • Total Time Spent

Traffic Metrics

  • Single Access
  • Page Views
  • Bounces
  • Entries
  • Visits
  • Exits
  • Reloads (If you select at least one dimension)
  • Average Page Depth (If you select at least one dimension and don't select Designated Market Area)
  • We also download any custom event selected during the connect.

Available dimensions

  • Browser
  • Browser Type
  • Category
  • Country
  • Designated Market Area
  • Domain
  • Entry Page
  • First Touch Marketing Channel
  • First Touch Marketing Channel Detail
  • Language
  • Last Touch Marketing Channel
  • Last Touch Marketing Channel Detail
  • Mobile Device Type
  • Mobile OS
  • Operating System
  • Page
  • Product
  • Region
  • Search Engine
  • Search Engine Keyword
  • State
  • Tracking Code

+ We also allow selecting Conversion Variables and Tracking Code Classifications.

Only select the elements you actually need. Read more about what to think about when setting up and looking at the Adobe Analytics data here. Since the metric definition is depending on the elements, the total might be different depending on the elements you select, because of this all metrics are marked as non-aggregatable.

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