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Common issues when connecting and downloading YouTube data

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Connecting YouTube data sources

The Funnel YouTube core connector accesses the YouTube Analytics API targeted queries channel reports. This means that in order to get performance data for a channel’s videos, you need to connect to Youtube with a channel that has uploaded videos, using the credentials for the particular channel in question.

Funnel can access the YouTube Analytics API in the following two situations:

  • The channel is owned by a normal user account and the YouTube credentials used in Funnel to connect are that user's credentials, i.e. the owner's.

  • The channel is owned by a brand account and the YouTube credentials used in Funnel to connect have been granted access to the channel, e.g. as a manager.

When using a brand account, access levels in YouTube must be configured in a specific way by the owner of the brand account:

  1. Select the relevant account in the Your Brand Accounts section

  2. Click the Manage Permissions button in the Brand Account dialogue

  3. Add a user

YouTube documentation provides the following help articles on this topic:

Data mismatches

Due to data volatility the YouTube API doesn't return data for the most recent days.

In the Age and Gender, Traffic Sources and User Geography reports YouTube might limit data for some metrics. This means that the report might not contain all data for a metric if it does not meet a certain threshold. For more information, please consult the section regarding Data anonymization in the YouTube Analytics API documentation.

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