Instagram Insights – Troubleshooting

Common issues when connecting and downloading Instagram Insights (by Meta) data

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I can't find my Instagram account when trying to connect

If an Instagram account is unexpectedly not showing up among the options presented when connecting in Funnel, here's what to do:

User access

To connect an Instagram Insights account to Funnel:

  • The account needs to be a business account.

  • It needs to be listed as a Business Asset in the Meta Business Suite (select Settings and then Business Assets to view your list of assets).

  • The business instagram account in question needs to be connected to a Facebook Page (more info on connecting your Instagram account here).

  • On top of that, you also need to have a Page Role on the Facebook Page in question, as access only through Facebook's Business Manager will not be enough. Please follow Facebook's instructions on how to view your Page Role, and make sure that the user you are trying to connect is listed on the Page Roles page under one of the following Roles: "Admin", "Editor", "Moderator", "Advertiser", "Analyst", or "Jobs Manager".

Editing permissions

You can edit permissions in several places. One example is the in the Business Integrations section of your user settings on Facebook. Click on "view and edit" to the manage permissions of all your business integrations. Make sure Funnel has the required ones.

If you have already authenticated with Facebook in Funnel, you will be met by this view when connecting an Instagram account:

If you can't find your Instagram account when trying to connect, click "Edit Settings" to add/review the Instagram accounts (and their linked Facebook Pages) that you wish Funnel to have access to. Keep in mind that the choices you make here will affect Funnel's access to all of your Instagram accounts and Facebook Pages. This means that you should not uncheck any Instagram accounts or Pages that you have previously connected, as that will revoke Funnel's access to them. Read more under "My Instagram account gets randomly disconnected"

My Instagram account gets randomly disconnected

It’s possible to accidentally revoke Funnel's access to an existing Instagram Insights data source when connecting a new Instagram account or Facebook Page in Funnel, or when reconnecting an existing data source. 

It is important to know that Facebook only issues one access token per user/app – so when you connect or reconnect an Instagram account or Facebook Page, you need to make sure that all Instagram accounts that you wish Funnel to have access to (and their linked Facebook Pages), are enabled in Facebook's authentication flow. Please follow the instructions below to make sure you do not accidentally revoke Funnel's access to your current Instagram Insights data source(s).

If you have already connected an Instagram account in Funnel you will be met by the view below after being redirected to Facebook's authentication flow:

Click "Edit Settings" here, and make sure that all Instagram accounts that you wish Funnel to have access to are enabled (if you have multiple Funnel accounts, this is regardless of which account they are in).

You will also be asked to grant Funnel access to the Facebook Page(s) that the Instagram account(s) in question are connected to. So the same applies here - make sure that all Facebook Pages connected to the Instagram accounts that you wish Funnel to have access to (or any previously connected Facebook Pages) are enabled, regardless of which Funnel account they are in.

Later in the authentication flow the window below appears. Funnel needs all options enabled to work. 

From the view below is where you choose which Instagram account(s) you would currently like to connect in Funnel. The choice you make here won’t affect any permissions given to Funnel.

My "Audience Lifetime" report is only downloading today's data

If you have recently connected an Instagram Insights data source with the report type "Audience Lifetime" you will notice that you have no historical data. This is due to the fact that the values of all metrics included in the report are lifetime values. This means that with how Instagram's API currently works, you cannot get the value of these metrics for a certain point in time, it will only return the current value of the metric.


If you change the password of the Facebook user that has connected a Instagram Insights source in Funnel you will need to reconnect the source. If you change the password on the Instagram account you also have to reconnect the source. 

2-factor authentication

If 2FA is configured for an entire ad account, ensure the Facebook user used to connect also has 2-factor authentication activated as you will otherwise not be able to connect or reconnect a data source in Funnel connected to the ad account in question.

I can't find IGTV

IGTV is not supported.

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