I can't connect to Pinterest

The user you're connecting with needs to have either Analyst, Campaign, or Admin access to the ad account you want data from. If the user does not have sufficient permissions, you will not be able to connect the ad account to Funnel properly.
More info about permissions and access can be found here

Why can't I see my "Catalog sales" campaigns?

Catalog sales campaigns are only available when connecting an ad account on either Campaign, Ad Group, or Product Group level. If you have connected your ad account on Pin Promotion level, your Catalog sales campaigns will not be imported to Funnel. This is due to how Pinterest's hierarchy for Catalog sales campaigns is structured.

Product Group level sources, on the other hand, will only fetch data from Catalog sales campaigns, if you don't have any catalog sales campaigns the source wont return any data.

Why can't I see any/incorrect conversion metrics?

One common source of mismatches in conversion data is differing conversion settings. When comparing data in Funnel and Pinterest make sure to select the same conversion settings in Pinterest as you did on connect in Funnel. Funnel conversions settings are found on the “Data sources” page.

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