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Common issues when connecting to and downloading from Pinterest

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I can't connect to Pinterest

The user you're connecting with needs to have either Analyst, Campaign, or Admin access to the ad account you want data from. If the user does not have sufficient permissions, you will not be able to connect the ad account to Funnel properly.
More info about permissions and access can be found here

If you have connected with a user with insufficient access, you will see the following message on the Data Sources page:

The error message "User <user id number> is not authorized to view the requested entity" comes from Pinterest and holds the user id of the Pinterest user used to connect the data source. If you need help finding out which user this id belongs to, please reach out to Pinterest support.

Why can't I see all my campaigns?

Some campaigns might not be visible if you connect your ad account on Ad Group, Product Group or Pin Promotion level as there might not be metrics attributed to each individual campaign on these reporting levels. Please connect a Pinterest data source for your ad account on Campaign level if you want to track each individual campaign.

Where are my "Catalog sales" campaigns?

Catalog sales campaigns are only available when connecting an ad account on either Campaign, Ad Group, or Product Group level. If you have connected your ad account on Pin Promotion level, your Catalog sales campaigns will not be imported to Funnel. This is due to how Pinterest's hierarchy for Catalog sales campaigns is structured.

Product Group level sources, on the other hand, will only fetch data from Catalog sales campaigns, if you don't have any catalog sales campaigns the source won't return any data.

Can I get archived campaigns?

Yes, if you select the option to include archived campaigns when connecting your source. Archived campaigns are optional, Funnel will not download archived campaigns by default. Note that archived campaigns are only available at Campaign level. All sources connected with archived campaigns included will display an "Archived Campaigns" text as part of the Definition Label on the Data Sources page in Funnel.

Why can't I see any/incorrect conversion metrics?

One common source of mismatches in conversion data is differing conversion settings. When comparing data in Funnel and Pinterest make sure to select the same conversion settings in Pinterest as you did on connect in Funnel. Funnel conversions settings are found on the “Data sources” page, see the "Definition Label" column.

In Pinterest you can verify or update your conversion settings by navigating to Ads > Reporting and then clicking on the "Conversion settings (X/Y/Z)" button:

You will then be presented with the currently configured conversion settings. Note that all settings here must match with the connected source in Funnel. One common mistake is forgetting to adjust the "Conversion date for daily reporting" (called "Attribution Date" in Funnels connect dialogue) to match with your Funnel source.

I can't find all types of conversion metrics that I am expecting

Pinterest's API doesn't offer the complete list of conversion and order value metrics that can be found in their UI. In Funnel we have these metrics on a total level:

  • Click-through conversion (Checkout)
    Total number of checkout events resulting from clicks on your ad

  • Click-through order value (Checkout)
    Total value of checkout events resulting from clicks on your ad

Click-through conversions can be of different types. Some of these are available from Pinterest's API and also in Funnel:

  • Click-through conversions (App install)

  • Click-through conversions (Checkout)

  • Click-through conversions (Custom)

  • Click-through conversions (Lead)

  • Click-through conversions (Signup)

  • Click-through conversions (Unknown)

  • Click-through conversions (Watch video)

  • Click-through conversions (Website search)

There are however additional types that aren't available from Pinterest's API at the moment, such as:

  • Web Click-through conversion

  • Offline Click-through conversion

These might however become available from Pinterest's API in the future. Please reach out to Pinterest for more information about this.

Can I change the currency on my Pinterest data?

Currently, changing the currency on a Pinterest data source is not possible. The currency seen in Funnel is the same as in the Pinterest UI. Changing currency is best handled in Pinterest or using Funnel's currency converter.

How do I get access if I'm not the owner of the ad account?

If you are not the owner, you will need to ask the owner of the Pinterest Business Account to invite you to the ad account using Business Access. The owner can set you up as an employee or a partner. Read more about how to set up Business Access here.

"New approval from Pinterest required, please reconnect your data source"

Pinterest Marketing API requires yearly re-authorization. When getting the above error message, simply reconnect your data source and it will continue to download as usual.

Why do my metrics have "-" instead of "0" in the data explorer?

Pinterest API returns only the metrics that have a value other than zero. Funnel will mirror this in the Data Explorer. This can be different from how the Pinterest UI might display metrics. For example, if "spend" is $0.00 in Pinterest's UI, the Pinterest API will return no data.

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