My Funnel data doesn’t match what’s in Facebook Ads Manager

First, double check your date range, ad account ID and that you’re looking at the same metrics with the same level and breakdowns in Funnel and Facebook Ads Manager.

Data volatility

Funnel downloads data several times a day, but we do not display data in real time. Because of this, recent data may not always match. See this article to learn more.

Attribution Windows

One common source of mismatches in conversion data is differing attribution windows.

When comparing data in Funnel and Facebook Ads Manager, make sure to select the same attribution windows in Ads Manager as you did on connect in Funnel.

Funnel attribution windows are found on the “Data sources” page.

Facebook Ads Manager attribution window settings can be found by clicking "Columns" > "Customize Columns" > "Comparing windows"

Attribution settings in Facebook Ads Manager

Attribution settings for a source in Funnel

Object status

Be aware that totals can differ between Funnel and Facebook Ads Manager depending on the object statuses (live, archived, deleted) that you’ve selected when connecting.

Changing campaign names

Changing the name of a Facebook campaign in an account connected to Funnel can cause the appearance of a data mismatch. The reason for this is that rows older than 30 days will still have the old name, so that the same campaign might appear under several different names, each containing subsets of the metric values.

We recommend that you create a new campaign if you’re not happy with the name, rather than rename. If you still rename a campaign for an account connected to Funnel, please let us know so we can reload the data with a backfill.

The same applies to ad sets and ads.

Custom conversions

Custom conversions in Funnel match corresponding metrics in the Ads Manager. They are not comparable to values for custom conversions found in the “Events manager” (

Store visits

The "Store Visits" metric is incompatible with some breakdowns. If you selected Country, Region, DMA Region, Impression Device, Platform, Placement, Product ID on connect, you may not see any Store Visits. Try connecting a new source without any of these breakdowns.

Product ID

Product ID is a high cardinality breakdown. This which means that in rare cases, some account wide report requests tend to time out, meaning your data may not update.

Reporting a mismatch 

See this article for a detailed breakdown of how to report a Facebook Ads data mismatch

I’m having trouble connecting my Facebook source

2-factor authentication

Facebook sources with 2-factor authentication (2FA) works in Funnel, but they may need to be reconnected (due to older tokens no longer meeting the new security level of the account).

If 2FA is configured for an entire ad account, ensure the Facebook user used to connect also has 2-factor authentication activated.


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