Can't find your Facebook Page on connect?

If a Facebook Page is unexpectedly not showing up among the options presented when connecting in Funnel, here's what to do:

User access

First, make sure that the Facebook user you are connecting with has access to the Facebook Page in question. It is important that the user you are trying to connect has a Page Role on the Facebook Page that you are trying to connect in Funnel, access only through Facebook's Business Manager will not be enough. Please follow Facebook's instructions on how to view your Page Role, and make sure that the user you are trying to connect is listed on the Page Roles page under one of the following Roles: "Admin", "Editor", "Moderator", "Advertiser", "Analyst", or "Jobs Manager".

Editing permissions

You can edit permissions in several places, one example is the in the Business Integrations, click on "view and edit" for manage permission to all your Business integrations. Make sure Funnel has the required ones.

Have you already authenticated with Facebook in Funnel you will be met by this view when connecting a Page:

If you can't find your page when trying to connect, click "Edit Settings" to add/review which Pages you wish Funnel to have access to.  

My pages get randomly disconnected

It’s possible to accidentally revoke access to an existing Facebook Page data source while connecting a new Page in Funnel.

Facebook only issues one Page access token per user/app – so when you connect a new Facebook Page, you need to make sure that all pages that you wish Funnel to have access to are checked in Facebook's authentication flow. 

When you connect a Facebook Page in Funnel, you will be redirected to Facebook's authentication dialog:

It is important that all Pages that you wish Funnel to have access to are checked in this window. If you deselect a previously connected Page it will stop working in Funnel.

Later in the connect dialog this window appears:

Funnel needs both options checked to work.

Your choices here won’t affect any permissions.

Changing credentials

If you change the password of a user that has connected a Facebook Pages source in Funnel you will need to reconnect the source.

2-factor authentication
Facebook sources with 2-factor authentication (2FA) works in Funnel, but they may need to be reconnected (due to older tokens no longer meeting the new security level of the account).

If 2FA is configured for an entire ad account, ensure the Facebook user used to connect also has 2-factor authentication activated.

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