TikTok – Troubleshooting

Common issues when connecting and downloading TikTok data

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Unable to connect data sources

To be able to connect to TikTok you need a TikTok business account. If you're unable to log in to TikTok when connecting your source, make sure it's a business account you're trying to access.

TikTok requires users to have a minimum of lead access permissions in order to pull data. If you are getting an error when trying to connect, check what permissions you have to your TikTok business account.

My previously connected TikTok source has been disconnected

It’s possible to accidentally revoke access to an existing TikTok data source while connecting a new TikTok source in Funnel.

TikTok only issues one access token per user/app – so when you connect a new TikTok account, you need to make sure that all TikTok accounts that you wish Funnel to have access to are checked in TikTok's authentication flow. 

When you connect a TikTok account in Funnel, you will be redirected to TikTok's authentication dialog:

It is important that all TikTok accounts that you wish Funnel to have access to are checked in this window. If you deselect a previously connected account it will stop working in Funnel.

Data mismatch due to status

The status fields, Campaign Status, Adgroup Status and Ad status, might need special attention. The TikTok connector updates your data in Funnel once a day for 30 days. After that, the data will not be refreshed in Funnel anymore.

Since the status usually gets changed in TikTok after a campaign ended, it is not unlikely that more than 30 days have passed when changing the status. This might lead to perceived data discrepancies between TikTok and Funnel, especially if you filter your data on status.

The easiest way to figure out if a status field is the reason behind a perceived data mismatch is to check the Data downloaded at field. This field will show when the data was downloaded into Funnel. If some statuses were changed in TikTok after that, it is very likely that this is the reason behind it.

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