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Common issues when connecting and downloading Branch data

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My Funnel data doesn't match what's in Branch dashboard/report

Dashboard filters

The Branch connector does not support filters, so data in Funnel will mismatch when compared against the Branch UI dashboard while filters are selected in the Branch dashboard.


Make sure your dashboard timezone is set to the preferred timezone. Data is downloaded in Funnel with the same timezone of the dashboard. If the dashboard Timezone is not set, it will default to UTC.

Missing data in Funnel for data sources from SAN parties (Self-Attributing Networks)

Branch pulls Clicks, Cost and Impressions data from their SAN partners through another API. Hence there is no log level data available for these, but rather an aggregate number only. Because the Custom Exports API utilise log level data, SAN's Clicks, Cost & Impressions will return no data.

My data is taking a long time to download

It is expected behaviour for data to take some time to download. Reconfiguring or connecting a new data source will not speed up the process.

If you don't see any data importing after 24 hours

Note that the Access Token used to connect a Branch data source needs to be on the Organizational Level and not the Branch Account Level. If you don't see any data importing after 24 hours this may be the cause.

If you're not able to view the option to retrieve/reset your token in the Branch dashboard (as illustrated in the picture below) you don't have “Organisation level” permission.

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