Amazon Ads - Troubleshooting
Common issues when connecting and downloading Amazon Ads data
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I'm unable to connect my Amazon Ads account

Not all account types are available in the Amazon Ads connector

Only seller and vendor account types are associated with the Sponsored Ads APIs (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Video). Accounts with type agency, are available via the Amazon DSP core connector.

Check if user is connected to the Amazon Account

Contact the admin/owner of the Amazon account and make sure that you user is granted access and given the correct permissions to the Amazon Account you want to connect in Funnel.

  • If you’re a vendor or an author you can manage users under the user management page.

  • If you are a seller you need to go to your Seller Central user permissions page for user management


To be able to connect and download data using the Amazon Ads connector in Funnel, the Amazon user needs to have one out of the following two permission levels:

  • Admin

  • Editor

**Note** that permission level "viewer" does not suffice.

I'm unable to connect a Sponsored Display data source

If your connected Data Source gets the following error: "Targeting strategies are not supported for report API in marketplace: {region}", it means that Sponsored Display data isn't available in your marketplace region.

If you receive the above error, make sure that you selected the correct account when you connected the data source.

I'm unable to see search terms reports

The API does not currently support search terms reports for product-targeted Sponsored Brands campaigns.

My data in Funnel doesn't match with what I'm seeing in the advertising console

According to the Amazon Ads API documentation, discrepancies (up to 5%) between the advertising console and Funnel may occur. These are expected due to differences in the traffic validation and data refresh processes.

Initial impression and click data is available using the API within 12 hours. Note that small changes to impression and click data may happen up to three days after the initial click date due to the traffic validation process.

Initial conversion data is available within 24 hours, but may change as part of the restatement process. Restatements of conversion data occur 1, 7, and 28 days after the conversion event. Because conversions are reported on the date of the ad interaction, restatement includes all dates in your attribution window. For example, if your attribution window is 14 days, restatement can update attribution up to 42 days (14 plus 28) after the report date.

Some campaigns are missing

Restrictions with Sponsored Products reports

Sponsored Products reports will only return values for Campaigns that contain records with performance activity, for example Clicks, Impressions, Attributed Purchases etc., during the specified time period.

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