My data doesn't match what's in AppsFlyer

Missing all Facebook data

By default Facebook does not release raw user-level data.
On the Integration tab for Facebook, when logged in to AppsFlyer, click to accept Facebook's Terms of Service. This allows AppsFlyer to collect and enable you to access your Facebook users' raw data.
Or go here and login with the Facebook account serving the ads:

Missing view through conversions from Facebook

On April 22, 2020 Facebook stopped sending details about view trough conversion in the raw data report. Those conversions are instead located under the restricted media source, read more about that media source here:

Reports using different date attributions

In the raw data reports all data is attributed to the event date, while in the AppsFlyer dashboard (and in our aggregated geo by date report) they are aggregated to the install date of the app. We also include the Install Date dimension and if you look at all data that happened from the Install Date until today (and don't look at the ordinary Date dimension) in Funnel it can be compared with the AppsFlyer UI. However if you want to look at the data aggregated to Install Date the best way is to download the aggregated report instead.

Data source settings

Connection refuses the selected timezone

AppsFlyer don't only want the correct time offset they want the same continent and city that has been selected in the AppsFlyer UI. So you have to match the timezone string exactly.

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