Reporting a Facebook Ads data mismatch

What we need to be able to help you swiftly with Facebook Ads (by Meta)

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To make sure we have all the information needed to help out as fast as possible, we appreciate if you go through these steps:

First, decide on a date interval and a set of metrics you want to compare in Funnel and Facebook.

In the Facebook GUI

2. Set the date range to your selected interval

3. Select the level, breakdowns and metrics you're interested in

4. Click "Columns" -> "Customize Columns" -> "Attribution Setting" to add the Attribution Settings.

5. Take a screenshot of the full browser window (Shift-Command-4 in Mac OSX, Alt + PrtScn in Windows)

In the Funnel app

1. Go to "Data explorer"

2. Set date range to your selected interval

3. Select dimensions "Date" and the level (campaign, adset or ad) and breakdown you decided on. Filter the the Data Explorer on which data source.

4. Select the metrics you've decided on

5. Copy the url and include it in your message to Funnel support along with the aforementioned screenshot.

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