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Facebook Ads - What is Attribution Setting?

What does "Use Attribution Setting" for Facebook Ads (by Meta) mean in Funnel?

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During the fall of 2020 Facebook introduced a new concept called Attribution Setting. This concept will replace what was previously called “Attribution windows” and is used to measure and optimize for conversions.

Relevant documentation from Facebook on the topic can be found here:

What is Attribution Setting?

Since Facebook's changes during the spring 2021, it is no longer possible to view data in the Facebook Ads manager by different attribution windows.

When creating an Ad set in Facebook, the Attribution Setting will be selected. The available options are 7-day click, 1-day click or a combination of 1-day view and either of the click windows.

An Ad set's Attribution Setting will determine the Ads Attribution setting, meaning all the Ads in an Ad set will have the same Attribution Setting as the Ad set. The Ad set's Attribution Setting also determines the Campaigns Attribution Setting, meaning that the possible options of Attribution Setting on Campaign level will be either the same as all the Ad sets in that campaign, assuming they have the same, or “mixed”/“multiple” if there are different Attribution Settings for the Ad Sets in a campaign.

Funnel will then download data and attribute it to a row with the Attribution Setting.

SKAdNetwork conversions

Connecting a data source using Attribution Setting is the only way to get SKAdNetwork conversions from Facebook into Funnel. These conversions will be available on rows where the Attribution Setting dimension's value is “skan”. SKAdNetwork campaigns have delayed reporting and are attributed to the time that they are reported as happening by the advertisers implementation of the Apple API.

How do I know if a source is connected with Attribution Setting and not Attribution Windows?

If a Facebook Ads data source has “Action, Conversions” or “Video Metrics” it will have either Attribution Windows, or Attribution Setting. If the source does not have any Attribution Windows listed in the definition label, it is using Attribution Setting.

A Facebook Ads data source connected with Attribution Setting instead of Attribution Windows will not have a specified attribution window.

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