When you set up a new Facebook Ads data source in Funnel, you are prompted to choose your click and view attribution window settings to apply to the data imported. The conversion metrics that are fetched by Funnel will not be automatically separated by 'attribution window', but rather cover both click and view attribution by default. However, you can create a Rules type custom metric that sets them apart!

Start by going to Metrics and clicking + Custom Metric in the top right of the page. Name your metric, for instance, "Website Conversion Value (7-day click)". Choose the appropriate Unit and Precision. Then, under the Calculation section, switch to Rules.

In the section that opens up as a result, add a new rule for Facebook Ads. Under the Facebook Ads section, create a "+ Rule with condition". For the "When" field, select the dimension Attribution window. Choose 'exactly matches', type '7d_click' into the text field. Leave the THEN IS condition as "value of" but change the metric to grab the value from to "Website Conversion Value" (or replace this with whatever Facebook Ads metric you would like to have separated by attribution window).

Repeat the process for any other metrics or attribution window settings you would like to break out from the aggregate attribution reporting!

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