If you are having problems connecting a Company Demographic Report

If Demographic metrics are missing/inconsistent
If data for certain campaigns are missing

Creative names missing

Problems connecting a Company Demographic Report

If you are having problems connecting a Company Demographic Report, please note that besides having the correct permissions for the Linkedin user that the connection is set up with, you also need need to be an authenticated member within the organisation with the role type ADMINISTRATOR.

If you are an administrator you should have access to a tab called "Admin tools" on your organisations LinkedIn page (top right corner of the page).

If you are not, please contact your LinkedIn account administrator and ask to be given the ADMINISTRATOR role type. For more information about the organisation access control read here and here.

Demographic metrics missing/inconsistent

Restrictions regarding demographic reports
The LinkedIn api only support the top 100 demographic values for a creative on a given day. For example, if a creative is shown to members with 1000 different titles, a query for the impressions for that creative will only return the 100 titles with the most impressions for that creative for that day.

Metrics returned from LinkedIn are approximate, and rounded down to 0 for any value below 3 (e.g. 2 impressions for a demographic will be returned as 0 from the LinkedIn API).

For example, if you get 1 click each day for a hundred days, LinkedIn's API will still return 0 for this time period because all of these events were lesser than the minimum of 3 per day.

Because of this you may observe inconsistencies when comparing:

  • Similar time ranges, for example, reporting on results over 7 days vs. 8 days.

  • The sum of daily metrics to the full corresponding time period.

  • Reporting levels, for example, adding campaign level data and comparing it to account level data.

  • A LinkedIn export for a given date range to the combination of daily reports in Funnel (in particular when expected values are low).

To minimise the effect of this approximation, select:

  • The highest reporting level you want to view. For example, selecting account level data instead of adding up campaign level data.

Read more about demographic metrics and data accuracy here:
LinkedIn's information about Demographics for your Ads
Troubleshooting Demographic Reporting for Campaigns

If data for certain campaigns are missing

Campaign groups/campaigns in draft and/or paused status will not show up in Funnel.

Creative names missing for some Creative types

Funnel currently do not fetch creative names for all creative types, for example SPONSORED_UPDATE_JOB_POSTING.

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