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How to connect to LinkedIn

Learn how to get your LinkedIn advertising data to Funnel

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To be able to properly use the Linkedin connector to download data through Funnel, the Linkedin user that the connection is set up with needs to have one of the following roles:
For more info see the Linkedin docs.

Creating a LinkedIn data source

In order to start downloading your LinkedIn advertising data to Funnel, go to the Data Sources page in the Funnel account you want the data and select the LinkedIn connector:

This will prompt you to choose which LinkedIn advertising accounts you want to download data from. You can choose multiple ad accounts, which will produce one data source in Funnel for each ad account.

In the last step of creating the LinkedIn data sources you decide what data they should include. If you are creating more than one data source (by selecting more than one ad account), you have the option to apply the same configuration to all data sources or to configure them individually:

To learn more about how to create a data source corresponding to your needs, see the article What data can I get from LinkedIn?

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