When you first connect a data source with Funnel, the initial sync of data goes back about 2 years, or as far back as the platform allows. This is to ensure we are gathering as much historical data for you as possible. 

After this initial sync, the frequency with which our connections import data varies between different platforms. Most of our connections import data several times a day, while some other connections import it once a day.

Along with downloading all of the new data for each day, Funnel also downloads a certain number of days in the past. This is because data can sometimes change and this can happen for several reasons, which you can read about here

We look at what the typical amount of days is for each platform that they can amend data and use this as our guideline for how far we look back. However, in many cases, Funnel is actually directly or indirectly restricted by the ad platforms themselves. It could be that we're not allowed to ask for data more often than we currently are or that the ad platform isn't reporting new data more frequently than we're currently importing it.

This aside, we are always trying to improve Funnel and higher data import frequency is surely a part of that strive.

If you have any specific questions about either the update frequency or amount of historical data for a certain platform, please reach out to support. 

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