In June 2021, Funnel introduced a new price model to better support the various use cases, functionality and capacity required by customers in different tiers. This new pricing is defined by two main variables, required functionality and capacity (flexpoints). Functionality is differentiated by the different plans. In terms of capacity, each plan comes with a starting level of flexpoints that covers the typical requirements in each plan. However, you are able to easily add additional flexpoints in all plans to cover your capacity needs. Learn more about the different price plans on our pricing page.

Does my price plan contain flexpoints?

If you are on a Funnel price plan pre-dating June 2021, your subscription does not utilize the flexpoint-system. If you are unsure, you can check your Funnel subscription overview section.

If the current plan is Marketing & Ecommerce - Essentials/Plus/Enterprise or Agency -Small/Plus/Large, your plan contains flexpoints. If you are the Subscription owner you'll also see a Usage-tab where you can track your flexpoint consumption.

What are flexpoints?

Flexpoints is a capacity measure that is associated with your Funnel subscription. Different features in Funnel consume different levels of flexpoints, and you are free to distribute and redistribute your flexpoints as you wish at any point in time. The number of flexpoints you have refers to the maximum number of flexpoints you can distribute, unused flexpoints are not reimbursed or saved for future months.

How many flexpoints do I have available?

Each plan comes with a set starting level of flexpoints and you can easily add additional flexpoints in packages at any point.

If you would like to check how many flexpoints you currently have and/or are currently utilizing, you can check the Usage-tab in your Funnel subscription (only available for Subscription owners).

Do unused flexpoints carry over to the following months?

No, a subscription has a certain number of flexpoints allowed to be used, and unused flexpoints cannot be saved for future months. As a concrete example, you can think about flexpoints as the available storage you have on your phone.

How do I add more flexpoints?

Additional flexpoints can be purchased in packages. To get a detailed quote, please reach out to our support team or your contact person at Funnel.

Can I see my flexpoint consumption?

If you are the Subscription owner you are able to track your flexpoint consumption in the Usage-tab in the Subscription section of Funnel. You will be able to see how much flexpoints you have left and and what it consuming them. In general this is what consumes flexpoints:

  • Active Connector types

  • Active Data sources

  • Funnel Accounts

  • Active Data destinations

How do I reduce my flexpoint consumption?

To reduce your flexpoint consumption you can delete or inactivate data sources and data destinations as well as removing Funnel Accounts.

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