Connection Type

The connection types supported are: Partner, Advertiser and Custom. The Partner and Advertiser connection types allow for downloading non-aggregatable metrics. The connection type Custom allows users to connect and download data from reports created in DV360. You can read more about the connection type Custom by following this link.

Advertiser vs Partner

Choosing between Advertiser or the Partner connection type depends if you want to pull in data that is specific for either an Advertiser or a Partner. Funnel applies a filter when fetching the data from DV360 with the Partner id and, if selected, the Advertiser id that was selected when connecting the Data Source.

Standard vs Non-aggregatable Metrics

When connecting a DV360 Data source, you can select Standard or Non-aggregatable metrics. Non-aggregatable are metrics that can not be summed over days and/or dimensions thus they will be imported as metrics that represents non-summable rows. Read more here: What are non aggregatable metrics?

Standard metrics

This is the standard report containing a set of metrics and dimensions that should be available to all DV360 API users.

Extra Dimensions
There are a number of optional dimensions available to select when connecting a source.


Invalid field combinations


Device Model

Device Type

Device Make

Ad Type



Insertion Order Status

Insertion Order Integration code

Line Item Status

Line Item Integration code

Targeted Data Providers

Creative Status

Creative Source

Creative Integration code

Creative Type

Creative Size


Playback Method

Inventory Source Type

Video Player Size

Ad Position


Inventory Delivery Method

Inventory Rate Type


Variant Version




Conversion Source

Creative Height

Creative Width

Line Item Daily Frequency

Data Source

Public Inventory

Cm Placement Id

Exchange Id

Position in content

Variant ID

Time of Day

Day of Week

Companion creative ID

Order ID

Extra Metrics
There are a number of optional metrics available to select when connecting a source.


Invalid field combinations

Billable Impressions

Billable Cost

Third-Party Ad Server Fee

Card Clicks


Earned Views

Earned Likes

Earned Playlist Additions

Earned Subscribers

Earned Shares

Data Fees

Fullscreens (Video)

Pauses (Video)

Platform Fee

YouTube: Views


Active View: Eligible Impressions

Active View: Not Viewable Impressions

Active View: Not Measurable Impressions

View through Conversion

Media Fee 1

Media Fee 2

Media Fee 3

Media Fee 4

Media Fee 5

Rich Media Engagements

Companion Impressions (Video)

Complete Listens (Audio)

CPM Fee 1

CPM Fee 2

CPM Fee 3

CPM Fee 4

CPM Fee 5

Companion Clicks (Video)

Companion Impressions (Audio)

First-Quartile (Audio)

Gmail Conversions

Midpoint (Audio)

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Fee


Profit Margin

Starts (Audio)

Tracked Ads

ComScore vCE in DoubleClick Fee

Third-Quartile (Audio)

Standard Fields

The Standard metrics and dimensions include:


  • Partner

  • Partner ID

  • Advertiser

  • Advertiser ID

  • Campaign

  • Campaign ID

  • Insertion Order

  • Insertion Order ID

  • Line Item

  • Line Item ID

  • Line Item Type

  • Creative

  • Creative ID

  • Activity

  • Activity ID


  • Media Cost

  • Total Media Cost

  • Total Media Cost ECPM Viewable

  • Measurable Impressions

  • Impressions

  • Viewable Impressions

  • % Viewable Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Total Conversions

  • Post-View Conversions

  • DCM Post-View Revenue

  • Post-Click Conversions

  • DCM Post-Click Revenue

  • Video Starts

  • Video Viewed To 25%

  • Video Viewed To 50%

  • Video Viewed To 75%

  • Video Completed Views

  • Video Skips

  • Revenue

Non-aggregatable metrics

There are two groups of Non-aggregatable metrics supported which are Cookie reach and Unique reach.
Unique reach requires that the optional dimension Country is selected.
These can be broken down by either Advertiser or Line item. 

Cookie reach metrics

  • Cookie Reach Impression Reach

  • Cookie Reach Average Impression Frequency

Unique reach metrics

  • Unique Reach Total Reach

  • Cookie Reach Impression Reach

  • Unique Reach Click Reach

  • Unique Reach Average Impression Frequency

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