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How to create API credentials for Shopify
How to create API credentials for Shopify

Setting up a Shopify connection in Funnel

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Apps, data sources and Quota

For downloads to run smoothly, it is strongly recommended that you create a separate app for each data source/report type. This also ensures that each data source has dedicated quota, since quota limits are set on app level. Note that the Shopify Partner Dashboard ( cannot be used to create apps. Instead, apps must be created in each store, via the Shopify Store Admin interface: https://<yourshop> See the steps below.

Setting up an App and copying credentials

  1. Log in to your Shopify Store Admin interface: https://<yourshop>

  2. Go to "Apps" in the menu to the left

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select "Apps and Sales Channel Settings"

  4. Click “Develop apps” on the top right

  5. Click “Create an app”

  6. Give the app an "App name" of your choice

  7. Choose a user of your choice as "App developer"

  8. Click "Create app"

  9. Click “Configure Admin API scopes”

  10. Make sure that all of the following permissions are enabled:
    - read_analytics
    - read_customers
    - read_draft_orders
    - read_marketing_events
    - read_orders
    - read_products
    - read_inventory

    Please note that Funnel only needs read access, you should not check any checkboxes that starts with "write_..."

  11. This is how it looks while selecting permissions:

  12. Now click "Save"

  13. Once you have saved and then revisit the configuration page again, for example by clicking the "Configuration" tab, your permissions should look like this:

  14. Now click "Install app" in the top right

  15. In the new dialogue that appears click "Install"

  16. Shopify should bring you to the "API credentials" tab where the following three keys and tokens have been generated for you:

    1. Admin API access token (This token can only be viewed once, please save this token in a secure place for future reference)

    2. API key

    3. API secret key (Should not be used for connecting your Funnel data source)

  17. To create your Funnel data source connection you should input your "Admin API access token" (you must press "Reveal token once" before copy) and "API key" that have been generated for your app:

  18. In addition to this we also need your shop name, which you can find in the address bar when logged into your shop (ie. where the shop name would be “thisismyshop”, without the rest of the URL) or in the top left corner of the administrative GUI:

Warnings from Shopify 

Shopify update their APIs on a quarterly schedule, see In connection with this they issue warnings to their customers that an app may need to be updated, something similar to this:

"Your private apps may no longer work if not updated before..."

"App" in this context refer to the user of the credentials (API key and secret) that is created to let another service, e.g. Funnel, access the Shopify API. Typically there should be no need to take any action for a Funnel user; if needed Funnel will update the connector.  

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