How to Connect to Branch

Setting up a Branch connection in Funnel

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How to connect to Branch Custom Exports

In order to get your Branch app data into Funnel you need to have access to the Custom Exports section in your Branch dashboard, and ensure you've completed the following steps.

Getting started in Branch

Make sure the Custom Export dashboard has been configured for your Branch app, following these configuration steps. Ensure that you can see the Custom Export dashboard in the Branch UI, as seen below.

To configure your Branch source in Funnel you will need the Branch Key, Branch Secret and Your Access Token found in your Branch App. The Branch Key and Secret can be found under "Account Settings" -> "Profile" tab while the token is found under "Account Settings" -> "User" (see screenshot below for further guidance).

Note that the Access Token used to connect a Branch data source needs to be on the Organizational Level and not the Branch Account Level.

Getting started in Funnel

Connecting your Branch App in Funnel automatically creates several custom exports within your Branch account. These custom exports are visible in the Branch Custom Export UI for a period of time.

What data can I get from Branch?

You can learn more about the Branch connector in What data can I get from Branch?. If you get stuck, we recommend reading Troubleshooting Branch.

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