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Google Cloud Storage configuration

Learn how to configure your Google Cloud Storage bucket so that Funnel can share data to it.

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Funnel's Cloud Storage connector lets you share your Funnel data to a GCS bucket of your choice. This guide will cover what you need to do in your Google Console in order for Funnel to be able to share data there.

1. Create a bucket

Log in to your Google Console at and create a Bucket. You will need to decide on a globally unique "Bucket name".

2. Authenticate

2.1 Use a Google Account

Press "Sign in with Google" and use a Google user with access to the bucket you want to upload to.

Pros: No configuration needed for the correct permissions and clear ownership. Access is only given to the specific Data Share(s) you add it to.

Cons: If the Funnel user connecting the credentials is removed from Funnel the credentials will also be removed and the Data Share will have to be reconnected.

2.2 Use a service account

  1. In Google cloud console go to IAM -> Service Accounts, or follow this link.

  2. Create a new Service account

    1. Give it a name and ID

    2. Add the Storage Object Admin permission

  3. Click on the created Service account, go to the Keys tab and add a JSON key.

  4. Open the downloaded JSON key and paste it into Funnel

Pros: The credential is not tied to any individual user. Access is only given to the specific Data Share(s) you add it to. You own the credentials which means that you can edit, delete or disable access. You can also rotate the credential yourself depending on your organisational requirements by creating a new key pasting it into Funnel and then removing the old one.

2.3 Use Funnel's service account (legacy)

When sharing data to a GCS bucket you have the option to do so using our service account. If you want to use this option you will need to give us permission to write to your bucket.

Enter your bucket and hit "Permissions" in the top panel.

Click "Add Member" and add with the role Storage Object Admin

2.3.1 Domain Restrictions (optional)

When using Funnels service account and if you have domain restrictions enabled in GCP then below is the organisation and workspace ID's for the service accounts used in Funnel Shares.

Organization resource ID


Google Workspace customer ID


3. Setup a Share in your Funnel account

Having completed the two steps above you can now configure your Funnel Share to send data to the bucket defined above. Do this from within your Funnel account.

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