If you would like to access your Funnel data in a Snowflake data warehouse, you can do so by setting up a new Snowflake export. This will expose your chosen Funnel data as a "Secure Data Share" in the Snowflake account you provided.

Setup an export in your Funnel account

(1) In your Funnel account, navigate to Data Warehouse then click New Export.

(2) Choose Snowflake as your destination.

(3) Provide your Snowflake Account URL.

Just copy the URL from the web browser when you're logged into your Snowflake account. It should look something like this: https://xy1234.eu-west-1.snowflakecomputing.com.

(4) Choose which dimensions and metrics you would like to export.

(5) Save and run the export!

Access the Data Share in your Snowflake account

Once the export have finished, Login to your Snowflake account and navigate to Shares.

Click on the Secure Share from Funnel in the list and then Create Database from Secure Share

Congratulations! You now have a database with your Funnel data ready to be used in Snowflake. The data will automatically refresh several times a day according to your frequency options in the Funnel export.

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