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How to share Funnel data with Looker Studio
How to share Funnel data with Looker Studio

Learn about Data Shares and how to use them to share data with Looker Studio

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A ‘Data Share’ is a pre-defined collection of fields, a currency, and an optional filter. By creating a Data Share and connecting Looker Studio to it you reduce the number fields in your report, making it a lot easier to work with.

Creating a Data Share

You can create a new Data Share by clicking the '+ Create Data Share' button and then choose Google Looker Studio

You can now add and remove fields in the Data Share, change the currency and you could add a suffix to help you distinguish fields with the same name (for example Clicks (Facebook)).

You can also add a filter, for example, filter out all ‘Organic’ data if you only wish to report on Paid traffic, or create a Data Source for your US market.

Any filters you create in Looker Studio will be on top of any filter you have here.

Once you're happy with the options here click 'Save'. You will be taken to this page.

You can now click the ‘Connect to Looker Studio’ button.

This will take you directly to the Funnel connector in Looker Studio. Here you will need to sign in with your Google user (if you haven't already), and then authenticate your Funnel user.

Looker Studio Community Connectors requires Google Workspace being enabled.

The Funnel Workspace and Data Share will be selected. Click ‘CONNECT’ in the top right corner to create a new Data Source in Looker Studio. You can then create a new report using this data source or add it to an existing report.

When you have created the data source in Google Looker Studio you can create a new blank report or add your new data source to an existing report.

You can also use one of our templates by clicking "Use a template" on the Google Looker Studio card.

This will open up our template flow where you can choose one of our templates to get started quickly.

Editing a Data Share

After making edits to your Data Share in Funnel you need to refresh the field definitions in your Google Looker Studio data source.

In Google Looker Studio open your data source and press refresh fields.

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