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Tradedoubler uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and upon initial connect requires Client ID, Client Secret, Username and Password.

Please note that only a user that is the Owner has this access and there is only one owner per advertiser. You can check your user while logged in under Account --> User to see your rights. If you don't know who the advertiser owner is or don't have a user with owner rights then please reach out to Tradedoubler.

To connect to Tradedoubler, you will need to create a client which provides the Client ID and Client Secret. You can create your client here and only the owner can log in.

Note: Your Client Secret is shown only once when you create a new client. If you do not know your Client Secret then you must delete and recreate the client.

Should you have any problems connecting to Tradedoubler, please reach out to our support.

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