• Affiliate ID: Numerical ID of an affiliate account.
  • Affiliate name: Name of the affiliate. Individual or company.
  • Approval status: Approval status of a channel for an affiliate program: rejected, approved or pending review.
  • Channel: Name of a channel.
  • Channel URL: The URL of a channel, if applicable.
  • Channel description: A description of a channel.
  • ID: Numerical ID of a channel.
  • Segment: The segment.
  • Type: The type of a channel, such as Blog, Content, Facebook, Cashback, etc.


  • Clicks: The number of clicks.
  • Cost: The total cost of the transaction, including affiliate commission and network fee.
  • Impressions: Number of banner/links impressions.
  • Leads: Number of lead transactions.
  • Order Value: Order value of the sale transactions.
  • Sales: Number of sale transactions.
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