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What data can I get from TradeTracker?
What data can I get from TradeTracker?

Dimensions and metrics for TradeTracker.

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  • Affiliate ID – The affiliate id.

  • Affiliate Name – The affiliate name.

  • Affiliate URL – The affiliate URL.

  • Affiliate type – The affiliate type.

  • Campaign

  • Campaign ID – The campaign id.

  • Campaign Name – The campaign name.


  • Click Commission – The amount of click commission.

  • Fixed Commission – The amount of fixed commission.

  • Impression Commission – The amount of impression commission.

  • Lead Commission – The amount of lead commission.

  • Lead Count – The number of leads.

  • Order Amount – The number of order amount.

  • Overall Click Count – The number of overall clicks.

  • Overall Impression Count – The overall impressions.

  • Sale Commission – The amount of sale commission.

  • Sale Count – The number of sales.

  • Total Commission – The amount of total commission.

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