The Salesforce report connector gives you access to your report data as defined in the Salesforce report builder. The report builder allows Salesforce users to be able to combine data from different Salesforce objects such as "Account" and "Contacts" before pulling the data into Funnel. Additionally, you can create reports including your own custom objects.

How to set up a report in Salesforce's report builder

  1. Navigate to your reports view in Salesforce.

2. Create a new report. Select preferred report type. (Leads is chosen in the example)

3. If no data is shown, try clicking on "Show All".

(Example of Salesforce message when no data is shown:
"No records returned. Try editing report filters: Show All leads. Set the Create Date filter to All Time. Edit other filters in the filter panel".)

4. After the data is visible make sure that a date field (for example "Create Date") is added in the report. Without a date in the report, Funnel will not be able to pull the data.

5. Click Save. Now the report should be accessible by the Salesforce Reports connector.

Connecting a Salesforce Reports data source in Funnel

1. Navigate to the Data Sources page in Funnel and click on the Salesforce Reports in the list of available Data Sources. Enter your Salesforce account credentials and proceed to the next step. All accessible reports in the connected Salesforce account should now be visible in the connect dialog. The API will return the last 200 reports that the user connecting has looked at. If a report is missing you will need to bring it up inside Salesforce for it to appear in the API.

2. In the second step you get to select currency for the data source and which date field the report data should be attributed too. Please note that Funnel will only import rows of data where there is an existing value for the date field you choose.


  • The connector can only pull reports that contain up to 100 fields selected as columns.

  • The connector can only fetch data from the 200 most recently viewed reports.

  • The connector can fetch up to 500 000 rows of data per hour. But it has the limitation of maximum 2000 rows on the same timestamp. Read more about it here.

  • The report must have column that is either of type "date" or "datetime".

See all limitations here.

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