Destination limitations for Amazon Ads data
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In this article, we’ll explain how the Amazon Ads API Data Protection Policy affects certain destinations available in Funnel. These limitations apply to both the Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP core connectors.

In short, it's not possible to export data that Funnel collects via the Amazon Ads APIs to destinations that Amazon considers to be non-compliant with their policies. These destinations are:

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Looker Studio

  • Google Analytics Upload

  • Tableau

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Excel

Below you'll find some examples of how these destination limitations play out in the user experience.

Non-selectable Amazon Ads metrics and dimensions

When configuring an export for the destinations listed above, Amazon Ads-specific fields will not populate in the list of fields unless specifically searched for. When searched for, you won’t be able to select them.

Amazon Ads data being filtered

Funnel will also filter values in custom metrics and dimensions that originate from the Amazon Ads API. In this example, all custom metrics and dimensions (columns) will be exported but all Data Source Type rows that are “amazonadvertising” will be excluded.

Empty columns when exporting from Data Explorer to Google Sheets

When exporting a Data Explorer query to Google Sheets, all dimensions and metrics will be included regardless of whether they’re Amazon Ads fields or custom fields. However, similar to the example above, all values that originate from the Amazon Ads API will be filtered.

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