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Exporting to a specific Google Sheets range
Exporting to a specific Google Sheets range

Appending to your Google Sheet without overwriting existing data

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When creating or editing a scheduled Google Sheets export you can select a Google Sheets working range that you want to export to. The entire selected Google Sheets range is first cleared of any data then Funnel is only writing data within that range. This means that by limiting the selected range, columns outside the range will not be cleared or touched in any way. Note that you will be required to select as many columns as you have fields selected.

This option can be found under advanced settings:

The default is to export to the entire range for the Sheet, from Column A to Column ZZ and all rows from row 1.

Use case examples

Multiple exports to the same Google Sheet

You can have multiple tables and lists in the same Google Sheet that are being updated automatically by creating multiple exports to the same sheet.

In this example we export top campaigns to start column B and start row 5 and top ads to start column C and start row 5 and top keywords to start column D and start row 5.

Not overwriting existing formulas

Let's say that you want formulas in the same Sheet as the exported data that you don't want to be overwritten each export.

Note that its good practice to have formulas in a separate sheet to avoid slow and unnecessarily complex sheets, read more in this help article.

See example below with Total item price and Total quantity. Even though we don't write to column F or G we will clear the entire selected range before exporting (which per default is the entire Google Sheet) and the formulas will be cleared.

To solve this you can set the Column end to D and nothing after column D will be touched by the export.

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