What is Funnel?
Written by Thomas Aron Frenkiel
Updated over a week ago

Funnel is the marketing data hub that allows marketers to build rock-solid reporting. In Funnel, you can connect, store, organize, and share data from any platform. It enables data-driven decision making, fostering collaboration, trust, scalability, and experimentation, enhancing marketing performance.

More than $20bn in advertising spend was tracked through Funnel and more than 10 TB of new data was processed every day in 2022. It also maintained an uptime of 99.99%.

These are some of the features that Funnel currently has:

- More than 230 Core Connectors, available in all plans. Core connectors allow you to get reporting data by simply providing your platform credentials and selecting the report type you need, all in a few clicks.

- Secure data storage; Reporting data is stored in the Funnel platform. The security of end-users data is of utmost importance, Funnel is both SOC II and ISO 27001 certified, as well as GDPR and CCPA compliant.

- Funnel automatically groups data and performs currency conversions, taking the heavy lifting out of marketing reporting. It also includes simple to use no-code data transformation to create custom metrics and custom dimensions that are relevant for your business.

- Data sharing to many different data destinations, such as Looker Studio, Google Sheets, BigQuery, PowerBI and many more.

Moreover, we continuously adapt and innovate, incorporating the latest marketing and advertising trends into our expanding array of features.

Depending on your situation, Funnel can replace some of the tools you currently use, or be used in conjunction with your current tech stack.

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