When creating a new dimension or metric in Funnel you have the option to make it a copy of any that is present in other Funnel accounts that you have access to. For this article, we've only included images of copying and duplicating Dimensions, but the process is the same for Metrics. 

After navigating to the Dimensions or Metrics page under Data Mapping, start out by clicking on the drop down arrow next to "+ Custom dimension/metric":

You are now presented with two options asking you to choose between "Copy from another account" or "Create from template".

Copy from account

If you have access to several accounts in Funnel you have the possibility to choose a dimension or metric from any of those accounts. 

Simply select an account and the dimensions or metrics you wish to copy, then click "Create X fields":

Create from template

If you have removed the default custom dimensions or metrics and would like to restore them, all you need to do is click on "Create from template" and select your desired dimensions or metrics:

Duplicating custom dimensions & metrics

If you want to make a copy of a dimension or metric in the same account, simply click on the copy symbol next to the description of the existing one:

Congratulations, you're done! Your new dimension/metrics and its defined rules are now there. If you want to change the dimension/metric name, or its rules, you can always edit it by clicking the "Edit" symbol next to the "Copy" symbol.

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