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Create a metric from a dimension row & value
Create a metric from a dimension row & value

How to pivot/transpose metrics in Funnel

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Not all connectors we build in the integration team will spew out columns for conversions. Due to different reporting implementations from platforms, we are actively trying to mirror the contents from each reporting API to what's available in Funnel. This does not mean you can't create metric rules for getting the data the way you want it to.

This is a guide on how to create a new metric from a dimension row. In short, we are taking the value of a dimension and pivoting the value into a new metric.

Looking for converting numeric dimensions to metrics? Working with rule-based metrics

We will run this example with AdWords/Google Ads. But other platforms may behave in a similar way.

Enter the Metrics page in the Funnel App and click the "+ Custom Metric" button in the top right.

This one is important, create a rule-based metric:

Here's the actual magic, the rule setting

Our new rule will now look at the Conversion name dimension from AdWords / Google Ads, and match it for the text Store visits.

When it does, it will take the value of the field All Conv., which is the number of conversions, and apply it to the new metric that we've created.

That's it, we've just pivoted/transposed a dimension row and value to a new column. 

Hit save and view it in the data explorer.

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