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How can I calculate Cost from other metrics?
How can I calculate Cost from other metrics?

It is possible to use Custom Metrics that build on other metrics to build your monetary metric

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Creating a Custom Metric or editing and existing one can be used to do create monetary metrics based on other metrics. It is also possible to either override the standard rules of a Cost Custom Metric or create a new rule based Custom Metric from scratch or the provided template. Below are some common use-cases and gotchas.

Adjusted Cost

This is typically an existing monetary metrics multiplied by some factor.  It is also possible to have different rules for different sources or dimension values using a rule based metrics. For example Client cost to add 10% to the actual cost can be done as a formula:

  •  Client cost =  Cost * 1.1.

Fixed Cost 

Sometimes there is a fixed cost based on an event instead of using for all or some data sources. For instance 10 cents per click or 9 dollars per conversion. This can be set up using rule based metrics. Note that the currency will be based on the data-source and cannot be set separately. However it is possible to condition a value based on the source's currency. For example:

  • If from MobileAppSource then Installs * 0.50 

  • If currency is 'USD' then Conversions * 10

  • If currency is 'EUR' then Conversions * 15  


Rule based metrics are run at a data source level-of-detail (a row-level calculation). Thus the currency for a row depends on the currency of the source row and is used for all monetary metrics on that row (custom or native)

If none of the metrics in a calculation have a currency, the result cannot be converted to the currency requested in the query and no value is returned. 

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