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What data can I get from Taboola?
What data can I get from Taboola?

The data provided by our Taboola connector

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There are three report types, each with different breakdowns:

    • Campaign and Country

    • Campaign and Site

    • Campaign only (also includes custom conversions)


Advertising data only

The Taboola API focuses on advertising data. Funnel does not support data for publisher accounts.

Top Campaign Content report limitation

Please note that if you choose the Top Campaign Content report and you have more than 500 items in a campaign, the dataset we are downloading may be incomplete. This endpoint in the Taboola API does not offer any pagination but rather always returns the 500 top ranked campaign items and this is not something we are able to affect.

So if you have 600 items for a campaign we will only be able to provide you with the top 500 ranked items, and the remaining 100 will not be available. Unless these 100 items all have zero valued metrics, the totals will not add up with the other reports.

How far back in time can I get data?

By default the Taboola connector will download data as far back as two years. If your account was created before then and you would like to extend download of historical data further back, you can contact and request a specific date.

Shared Dimensions and Metrics

The following dimensions and metrics are shared between all report types and breakdowns:

  • [Dimension] Account ID

  • [Dimension] Campaign ID

  • [Dimension] Campaign Name

  • [Dimension] Date

  • [Metric] Actions

  • [Metric] Clicks

  • [Metric] Impressions

  • [Metric] Visible impressions

  • [Metric] Spent

Campaign Summary

Site breakdown

In addition to the shared fields the Site breakdown adds the following dimensions:

  • [Dimension] Site

  • [Dimension] Site ID

  • [Dimension] Site Name

Country breakdown

The Country breakdown adds the following dimensions:

  • [Dimension] Country Code

  • [Dimension] Country Name

Conversions breakdown

The Conversion breakdown report only contains the shared dimensions.

The list of metrics for the Conversion breakdown report is dynamic and contain the Conversion metrics you have set up in your account. These can, for example, be 'Lead - FB Content: Conversions (Clicks)' or 'Start Checkout: Conversions (Clicks)'. These fields are limited to numeric and monetary metrics, metrics of type percentage are not collected.

On top of these metrics the Conversion breakdown report also contains the following metrics:

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Visible impressions

  • Spent

  • Conversion value

Top Campaign Content

The Top Campaign Content report only supports one breakdown, Item, which adds the following dimensions in addition to the shared fields:

  • [Dimension] Item Name

  • [Dimension] Content Provider ID

  • [Dimension] Content Provider Name

  • [Dimension] URL

  • [Dimension] Thumbnail URL

Video Campaign Summary

Dimensions - Site breakdown

In addition to the shared fields the Site breakdown adds the the following dimensions:

  • [Dimension] Site

  • [Dimension] Site ID

  • [Dimension] Site Name

Dimensions - Country breakdown

In addition to the shared fields the Country breakdown adds the following dimensions.

  • [Dimension] Country Code

  • [Dimension] Country Name

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