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What data can I get from Nosto?
What data can I get from Nosto?

The data provided by our Nosto connector

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Metric & Dimensions

The following dimensions and metrics are available in Funnel:

  • [Dimension] Product

  • [Metric] Average Price

  • [Metric] Checkouts

  • [Metric] Clicks

  • [Metric] Conversion Rate

  • [Metric] Cost

  • [Metric] Cost per Order (CPO)

  • [Metric] Emails Opened

  • [Metric] Emails Sent

  • [Metric] Facebook Fee

  • [Metric] Fee

  • [Metric] Impressions

  • [Metric] Open Rate

  • [Metric] Orders

  • [Metric] ROAS

  • [Metric] Revenue

  • [Metric] Sold Products


The cost from Nosto is retrieved from the billing which is the total sum of the month and divided per day.
​Note: The cost (spend) from Facebook is also added to the cost.


The currency from all of the products except for the Facebook product is being set as the main currency. See the below picture.

Facebook currency

We are able to download the Nosto optimised Facebook Ad campaigns. In doing so, we ask of you to please input the currency of the cost and revenue metrics.
Please note the currency displayed in the Facebook Product located below and input it in the connect step.
​Note: If you don't use the Facebook product Nosto provides, just hit next in the connect wizard.

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