If you are using the Week or Week number dimension, you can configure it to change it's dimension values according to how you treat a calendar week. For example, if your week runs from a Sunday to Saturday, you can tell Funnel that this is the case. This is done by adjusting the Week starts on setting in the About page of a Funnel Workspace.

  1. Log in to a Funnel Workspace and head to About in the left side navigation menu.

  2. At the Week starts on setting, hit the Edit button.

  3. Choose the weekday that your calendar week starts on, or whatever suits your reporting.

The Week and Week number dimensions will now change their values depending on your selection and only in this specific Funnel Workspace. Note that adjusting this setting will not influence the Week number (ISO) dimension, which is always set to have Mondays as it's starting weekdays.

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