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How do I create a custom dimension based on dates?
How do I create a custom dimension based on dates?

Learn how to group data by custom date ranges using the Date dimension as a foundation.

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Some users may find themselves needing to create custom segments of time or periods of dates to properly reflect either a fiscal year or seasonal marketing budget variations, for example. In Funnel, custom dimensions can be based on any of the date-type dimension like Date, Week number, Month, etc. In this example, we'll create a dimension that splits the year 2019 into three parts using a custom dimension based on Date.

First, navigate to Dimensions and create a new custom dimension. Name it something appropriate, in this case I chose to name mine "Tertial".

Skip right by the data source type specific rule are and go straight to the section below called "For all Data Sources" where you can create "global" dimension rules. In other cases, it may be useful to apply a Date-based dimension rule to a specific data source, but not in this case - we want it to apply to all data in this Funnel Workspace!

Create rules that use Date as their founding dimension and use the mathematical operators for denoting "larger than or equal to" and "smaller than" as follows:

If you need to apply this to multiple years then you can either:

  1. create more rules that apply to dates further back or forward in time.

  2. try your hand at regular expression to match to sets of dates that are combinations of months and days but disregard the year.

The latter requires a bit of know-how around regex but can be very powerful! Reach out to us for pointers and we'd be happy to look into the possibility of setting up such a set of rules with you.

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