Connecting your Yelp business(es) to Funnel is simple. In this article, we'll show you how it's done.

Get access to the Yelp Reporting API

To import data from Yelp, we use their Reporting API. This API uses a set of credentials that are separate from their other APIs, and separate from your normal login information.

To get access to the Reporting API, simply reach out to your assigned Yelp representative and they'll help you out. You can also reach out to the following email address: Please note that your eligibility for Reporting API access will depend on your Yelp ad spend.

Connect your Yelp locations to Funnel

You should now have a set of credentials for the Reporting API, given to you from a Yelp representative. In Funnel, connect a new Yelp data source, entering your credentials when prompted. 

After you've submitted your credentials, you'll be asked for a phone number for the business location you want to connect. The number should be entered with international formatting, meaning a plus symbol followed by country code followed by the rest of the phone number. For example: +1 123 456 7890

If the number you've submitted is valid, we'll retrieve some information about the business from Yelp to give the data source an appropriate name, and then give you the option to connect it to your Funnel account. All done!

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