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How to connect Rakuten Affiliate Network
How to connect Rakuten Affiliate Network

Instructions on how to get access to Rakuten Affiliate Network in Funnel

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To connect to Rakuten Affiliate Network in Funnel, first log in to the Rakuten Affiliate Network website

  1. If you have multiple advertisers, select the advertiser you want to use (in the top right corner of the website window).

  2. Select the desired report type from the "Choose Reports" menu. "Revenue Report by Day" is the recommended type.

  3. Add the columns "Publisher ID" and "Publisher Name".

  4. Save the report

  5. Select "Get API" from the "View Report" pull-down.

  6. Copy the API URL and paste it to the URL field in Funnel's connect dialog.

Note: You can check that all desired fields are included in your report, by pasting the link into a browser and opening the downloaded CSV file on your computer. Fields not included there will not be accessible by Funnel.

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