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What data can I get from Rakuten Affiliate Network?
What data can I get from Rakuten Affiliate Network?

Learn about which data that Rakuten Affiliate Network supplies Funnel with.

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Mandatory dimensions:

  • Transaction Date or Process Date

Optional dimensions:

  • Consumer Region

  • Consumer Country (Consumer Region is required to also get Country values)

  • Device

  • Landing URL

  • Non-Commissionable Order ID

  • Non-Commissionable Reason

  • Non-Commissionable Sales

  • Order ID

  • Publisher Encrypted ID

  • Publisher Name

  • Publisher ID

  • Publisher URL

Optional metrics:

  • Number of Impressions

  • Number of Clicks

  • Total Commission

  • Number of Orders

  • Number of Items

  • Number of Cancelled Items

  • Sales

  • Gross Sales

  • Gross Commissions

  • Estimated placement fees

  • Estimated Net Total Cost

  • Estimated gross total cost

  • Estimated tracking fee

If you can't find the dimensions or metrics that you are looking for, please let us know in our in-app chat or send us an email at!

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