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What data can I get from Tune Network?
What data can I get from Tune Network?
Dimensions and metrics for Tune Network.
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  • Advertiser – Advertiser company name.

  • Advertiser ID – The advertiser id.

  • Affiliate Company – The affiliate company.

  • Affiliate ID – The affiliate id.

  • Affiliate sub 1 – Affiliate sub 1 passed in by the affiliate when the session was started.

  • Country name

  • Goal ID – ID of Goal object. If none is set, defaults to 0.

  • Offer – Offer name.

  • Offer ID – The offer id.


  • CR – The percentage of HasOffers clicks that resulted in a conversion.

  • Clicks – Number of HasOffers clicks.

  • Conversions – Number of HasOffers conversions.

  • Impressions – Number of HasOffers impressions.

  • Payout – Amount spent in HasOffers.

  • Revenue – Revenue generated from HasOffers traffic.

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